Monday, 27 August 2012

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Mercedes F-cell Hydrogen Powered Car

Mercedes F-CELL is a concept Hydrogen-powered buggy roadster  adding a fibreglass body, joystick control and hydrogen-electric fuel-cell power unit. The car is supposed to contain all the technologies that the top-shelved Mercedes cars have. It boasts a fiberglass and carbon fiber body structure, a compact fuel cell of 1.2kW is being used for power generation and the top speed of this car is 25 km/h. The car remains away from the traditional steering wheel rather it is using a joystick control for driving. The silly, big spoked bicycle wheels are another attraction of this car.

Honda V4 Concept MotorCycle

Honda V4 concept has come up with a deadly sports bike that proposes a new bike design direction for the brand. This model is designed to indicate the beginning of a new era. The bike has V4 engine and it is clearly shown in the design. The hubless wheels are fixed with all-enveloping cowls which most likely assist in reducing drag. This stylish and futuristic sports bike concept was exposed at the 2008 Intermot bike show in Germany. Overall, this bike is going to offer a new look to all the bike riders with excellent performance.

Honda V4

Modular Fridge Concept

Angeline Meloch, a design student of University of New South Wales has designed Celsius which is a modular refrigerator, able to be configured by the users as per their preference. There are four cabinets of this concept refrigerator and each cabinet has a touch sensitive control panel, allowing a selection from 5 temperature alternatives for suitable storage of food. The main goal of this concept is to make the most of space. Celsius can be customized for packaging of fruit, meat and fish, milk products, vegetables, bottles and jars. You can purchase additional modules if you think necessary to meet your requirements.