Saturday, 6 October 2012

10 Best Xbox 360 Games 2012

XBOX 360 games are the Microsoft games that are released every year and that too in large quantity. these games has won popularity very soon and are played in many parts of the world. They are best known for their graphics, techniques, violence and entertainment.
Here is the list of top 10 best XBOX 360 games :
10. Prototype 2
prototype2 image Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games 2012
Prototype 2 is an Action genre game Released on April ’12 with M (Mature) Certification, because of intense violation, Drug reference and strong language use in the game. This is the sequel of previously released Prototype, and is much improved and enhanced in terms of graphics and gameplay. The sequel is quite focused on Sgt. James Heller and objective of a game is to kill the Villain Alex Mercer. Radical Entertainment this time covering up the loopholes of previous version did a good job.
9. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction
splinter image 211x300 Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games 2012
Splinter cell Conviction is the fifth installment in the series by the Ubisoft Entertainment, released on April 2010. This part is a dramatic turnout of the complete storyline and so, changes the rules of gameplay.  Sam fisher is now on the target of the organization, The Echelon, previously he was used to serve, and investing the murder mystery of her daughter. Not anymore dependent on the his tools and fancy goggles, fisher is trying to build an underground network which can help him for providing hi-tech gadgets. High tech weapons and super elite skill make this game a good choice.
8. Fallout 3
fallout3 image 212x300 Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games 2012
 Fallout 3 shows the imaginary world with extremely bad living conditions and depicts and dystopian future. If you are playing this game and you are not exploring the abandoned world around you are not actually playing Fallout 3, Vault 101 is left after the destruction of the Washington DC city and now is called the Wasteland. The deep intense feature makes you addictive and makes this one of the best games in the list. Game story revolves around the objective of searching for your missing dad and unsaid truths. Gameplay is awesome, full of variety of weapons with limited ammos and lots of large insects and mutants to fight with. Awesome graphics, excellent sound effects makes this game a best pick for the RPG Lovers.
7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
callofduty image 213x300 Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games 2012
Infinity ward and Sledgehammer games together developed a full assault First Person Shooter game. Story of warfare 3 continues from the invasion of Russian Federation, and struggle of US forces against that attack and invasion, an undercover US agent is found to be indulged in the attack in Moscow and then Russian Federation invaded. The game is improved with the new combat techniques and new strategies, deep multiplayer support enhances the gameplay to some other level.  A complete package for FPS lovers.
6. Gears of War 2
gearswars image Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games 2012
Breathtaking visual effects, next generation graphic quality, ambient occlusion, improved character specifications, simultaneous on-screen character rendering ability is up to hundreds of characters, additional and improved decals for blood and bullets, in a overall a perfect gaming. With the use of advance technologies of Unreal Engine 3 Gears war 2 provides you much beyond then the limit of just gaming. Marcus Fenix and Delta Force are engaged in a duel with nightmarish Locust Horde and fighting for the chances of the survival of humanity.  A must pick for all gamers.
5. Bioshock
bioshock image Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games 2012
Bioshock is a game that that uses violence not for the shock but also for the story. The game basically deals with the art of storytelling. The story in which the world is suffering from environmental and mental decay and also is filled with horror. The game is full of breathtaking horrors and terrifying goosebumps.
4. Orange Box
orangebox image Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games 2012
Orange Box did’t get much populartiy as that of other XBOX 360 games. This weakness free game has won IGN’s game of year trophy in 2011. The voice acting, script writing and puzzle design work in an excellent manner. The game also has a  legitimate comedy that create a funny, challenging experience for the player. The orange box undoubtedly gained its popularity much later after its release.
3. Red Dead Redemption
reddead image Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games 2012
Re dead redemption has the largest multiplexer suits than any game could ever have in XBOX 360 games. It has Breathtaking visual effects, next generation graphic quality, ambient occlusion, improved character designs. The devices used are to motivate the rockstar in achieving his goals. It is not a game that describes its plot in fact its all about finding his family and letting the things to go.
2. Portal 2
portal2 image Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games 2012
Portal 2 is a puzzle game with the legitimate comedy. the game is really funny and enjoying . The game manages somehow to give you your cake and let you to eat it also. It has thrilling video game that concedes with the art too. It has a 10 hour sequel that would be completed with t6he joint efforts of 2 persons. This games remain on top list of XBOX 360 games from past 1 year due to its better high tech techniques and graphics used in the games.
1. Mass Effect
masseffect image Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games 2012
Mass Effect is the best game of XBOX 360. The games deals with the trilogy’s story and the star wars. The game relates the villain with the good things or you can say that it is related to  racism, religion, politics, or other very real matters. The drama and tension is created between NPC’s that create the most unforgettable moments in the game.