Saturday, 6 October 2012

Top 10 Most Coldest Places on Earth

Temperature variations on earth are tremendous. While there are places such as Ethiopia which record a mean temperature of 36°C owing to the bubbling lava in their ground level volcanoes, there are also places such as Antarctica which record a mean temperature of -89.2°C. It is rather tough to record temperatures of every place in the world because many of them are inaccessible. Nevertheless, here is a list of 10 places which are known to be the coldest places on earth.
10. Rogers Pass, Montana, USA
rogers pass Top 10 Most Coldest Places on Earth 
In the tenth place is Rogers Pass in Montana, USA. Temperatures here touch -56.5°C. Located at a height of 1,710 meters above sea level, Rogers Pass lies beside the Helena National Forest on the borders of Montana. Rogers Pass sports a webcam which allows you to look at the current real time climatic conditions of the place. The place is heavily wooded and is a paradise for bird watchers since a lot of migratory birds such as the Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Canada Geese, Northern Goshawks, Rough legged hawks and Tundra swans can be spotted here at close quarters at different times of the year.
9. Fort Selkirk, Yukon, Canada
 Fort Selkirk Yukon Top 10 Most Coldest Places on Earth
With the mercury dropping to -59°C, Fort Selkirk is the ninth coldest place on earth. The place has been inhabited for over seven thousand years. Despite the chill, the place is inhabited by lots of creatures. Located near Pelly River, Fort Selkirk was a very famous trading port of yore. A lot of renovations have been made to the town over the years. Still, it retains an unsurpassed old world charm owing to its rich history.
8. Prospect Creek, Alaska
 Prospect Creek Alaska USA Top 10 Most Coldest Places on Earth
Temperatures in Alaska drop up to -62°C, usually in the month of February. The place has just one season – winter. Summers are very mild and just a bit warmer than the rest of the year. Prospect Creek is a small mining village and is located around one hundred and eighty miles away from Fairbanks. In the recent times, the size of Prospect Creek has dwindled drastically, owing to the development of Trans-Alaskan pipeline which was built in 1977. The place is inhabited by a variety of flora and fauna including wolves, ducks, moose, caribou, eagles, foxes and lots of others.
7. Snag, Yukon, Canada
Snag yukon Top 10 Most Coldest Places on Earth
Here is another place from Yukon, Canada. With temperatures dipping up to -63.0, Snag is a freezing little village located in the White River valley which is known for its bowl like shape. The weather here is extremely dry and the place is blanketed by fog all round the year. January is the coldest month. Cold winds are characteristic of the place.
6. Eismitte, Greenland
 Eismitte Greenland2 Top 10 Most Coldest Places on Earth
In Eismitte, mercury plunges down to -64.9°C.  The name of the place translates to Mid-Ice and rightly so, because the place is covered in snow most of the times. Eismitte houses a research center where studies are carried on about various aspects of snow such as its layers and the character of snowfall. Everywhere you see in Eismette, your sight is met with ice. February is the coldest month of the year in this Greenland town.
5. North Ice, Greenland
  Top 10 Most Coldest Places on Earth
North Ice is another place in Greenland which experiences some of the lowest temperatures on earth. This place is also a famous research center which was developed during 1952 to 1954 by British North Greenland Expedition. The temperature here falls up to -66°C and the coldest month here is February. North Ice is the coldest place of Western Hemisphere.
4. Verkhonyansk, Russia
 Verkhoyansk Russia Top 10 Most Coldest Places on Earth
If Greenland wasn’t cold enough for you, here is a place with more extreme climate. The lowest temperature recorded here was -67.7°C. Verkhoyansk is a small town located in Russia and is equipped with an airport and a river port which cater to its small population of 1,434. Summers and winters are very distinct here. There is almost no rainy season, although the weather remains slightly wet in the winters. Summers are warm and dry.
3. Oymyaokon, Russia
Oymyakon Russia Top 10 Most Coldest Places on Earth
Here is another place from Russia which is ranked among the coldest in the world. However, the place has a very interesting biology. In spite of the temperature going down to -71.1°C, the water here does not freeze, although the ground freezes completely. This interesting phenomenon is due to the presence of hot water springs very close to the town. The subarctic climate here is almost ruthless in winters. Oymyaokon is a small town with a population of eight hundred brave people who battle bone chilling cold almost all round the year.
2. Plateau Station, Antarctica
PlateauStation Antartica Top 10 Most Coldest Places on Earth
With the mercury recording -84°C in this Antarctic region, human survival here is almost impossible. The chill in the air almost freezes your breath. Winds howl as they blow mercilessly through the land from the ocean. These cruel conditions are loved by the whales, penguins and seals and you can find these creatures in large numbers here. However, there is no sign or speck of greenery in this frozen place.
 1. Voltok, Antarctica

 Vostok Station antarctica Top 10 Most Coldest Places on Earth

If there is a place on earth where hell freezes over, it is in Voltok. Located close to South Geomagnetic Pole and with a temperature of -89.2°C, Voltok is the cruelest place on earth. It is a place where your breath actually freezes over and you can feel the constriction in your lungs. Even in this godforsaken place, you can find a human outpost where scientists from all over the world conduct research. The good thing about Voltok is that your ice cream stays intact for eternity, but that is little consolation because your frozen taste buds can barely sense the velvety deliciousness of the ice cream.