Thursday, 8 November 2012

Largest Auto Companies in the World 2012

1. Toyota

toyota 300x168 Top 10 Largest Auto Companies in the World 2012
Toyota has always been a world leader in safe, reliable vehicles. However, with the introduction of the Toyota Camry things began to take off for Toyota. Leading the world’s car manufacturers by leaps and bounds, Toyota produced over 8.5 million vehicles in the previous year. That number continues to rise every year as more and more people gain access to these inexpensive and reliable cars.

2. General Motors

General Motors 300x189 Top 10 Largest Auto Companies in the World 2012
One of the greatest bright spots in American car manufacturing is the story of General Motors. Rising through the years as an “American Icon” they have had their ups and downs. However, in recent years, a resurgence of their old glory years has begun to shine through. The new models, especially their half-ton truck, the Impala and Malibu sedans, and Camaro have taken General Motors back to the top again. Only trailing Toyota by a few hundred thousand cars this past year, they continue to challenge the world leader.

3. Volkswagen

volkswagen Top 10 Largest Auto Companies in the World 2012
Tasting sweet success a few times in their long illustrious existence, Volkswagen has had several meager years. As the world turns towards vehicles that are better on gas, easier to drive, and one they know will last for a long, long time, Volkswagen has answered that call. Now, with over 7 million vehicles leaving their manufacturing plant they have achieved that high plateau of success in the car world once again. Plus, who can’t resist a good punch to the shoulder every time they see that “punch buggy” drive by?

4. Hyundai Motor Company

hyundai hybrid 300x198 Top 10 Largest Auto Companies in the World 2012
Climbing to the number four spot in the top 10 largest auto companies in the world is the Hyundai Motor Company. What is there not to like about this car company? They produce impeccable quality in their vehicles. Hyundai has quickly become a leader in car’s sales. the build great diesel cars and petrol cars for masses. They deliver mass transit vehicles that can pound the pavement for hundreds of thousands of miles. They are active in worldwide humanitarian efforts. This all may be why they have leap-frogged over some of the world’s biggest and captured the world’s interest.

5. Ford Motor Company

ford motor company Top 10 Largest Auto Companies in the World 2012
From the moment when Henry Ford drove that first car off the assembly line until today, Ford Motor Company has held a special place in the hearts of Americans. But, today is a different world. No longer can the world support large, heavy, gas guzzling cars. It is a good thing that Ford Motor Company can change with the world. The new Ford vehicles use the latest technologies in fuel and propulsion. With the new EcoBoost engines, the trucks gain several more miles per gallon while still maintaining the great power everyone loves. Their sedans are once again reliable and synonymous with great gas mileage.

6. Nissan

nissan 300x195 Top 10 Largest Auto Companies in the World 2012
A car company that produces almost 4 million cars a year must be doing something right. Nissan has always been increasing its production each year and there is a reason why. Nissan puts forth some of the best made vehicles in the world today and they really pay attention to what the general public wants. Their trucks, sedans, and sports cars have the consumer in mind rather than some other agenda. Not only has Nissan been able to make its way to the top of the ranks in car companies, but they are also one of the top 100 companies in the world.

7. Honda

honda accord 300x199 Top 10 Largest Auto Companies in the World 2012
If there was every a company in which one car model could save it is Honda. With the introduction of their family sedan, the Accord, Honda catapulted themselves into the top echelon of car companies in the world. Manufacturing over 3.6 million vehicles in the previous year, Honda continues to gain momentum with their acclaimed Accord. Sleek, sharp, economic, and roomy all describe their top vehicle as well as their company.

8. Renault

Renault Megane 300x200 Top 10 Largest Auto Companies in the World 2012
The second largest car manufacturer in Europe, Renault is keeping pace with Volkswagen with each new model introduction. To rival the Golf, Renault showed the world the Megane III at the Paris Auto Show. A great look, a reliable engine, and power to spare, Renault’s newest model has found love with many drivers. Worldwide, they are also making a surge to climb in regards to being a top company. However, Renault still pushed out over 2.7 million cars out of their assembly plants and onto car lots around the world.

9. Fiat

fiat 500 Top 10 Largest Auto Companies in the World 2012
Another European car manufacturer makes its way into the top 10 largest car manufacturers, but not with the usual acclaim to luxury and glitz. The Fiat car company has built its car company through world class economy cars. These great, joyful bundles of joy handle with supreme accuracy and comfort, but also deliver one of the world’s best fuel mileage. Many people in the world today are looking to Fiat for their cars, and producing over 2.4 million vehicles is a great indicator of what the world is looking for.

10. Chrysler

chrysler pt cruiser Top 10 Largest Auto Companies in the World 2012
It is nice to see that a once great company can fall into bankruptcy, have tremendous internal struggles, and rise above that to again be one of the top ten largest car companies in the world. Chrysler has endured public scrutiny, a government bailout, and reshuffling of their corporate structure to once again produce some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles. With their newest Cadillac XTS, the look to continue this trend for many years to come.
In the realm of the world’s largest companies, there are always those that seem to dominate the landscape. However, when you take a look at a smaller scale, and see the different industries that make up these lists, you can see a lot of shaping and changing going on. The top 10 largest auto companies in the world today may not be the same in the next few years. That’s what makes business so exciting!