Thursday, 8 November 2012

Most Famous European Events

10. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Festival (December 30-January 1)
river of fire 300x196 Top 10 Most Famous European Events
It is 3-day winter festival which starts in the evening of December 31st every year. The midnight is hovered by sounds of bells and old folk lore ‘Auld Lang Syne’. This festival is a center of attraction of about 80,000 visitors from all over the world because of the Torchlight Procession, concert, movies, and street parties. The Torchlight Procession popularly known as ‘River Of Fire’ goes through the city with great pompous. The eve of December 31st is undoubtedly the day of rush and hassle; the reason being the candlelight concert at St. Giles’ Cathedral, a street bash and midnight fireworks. And the last day of the festival and the very first day of the year mark free games at various venues.

9.  Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary (August)
 Top 10 Most Famous European Events
The venue for this festival is itself so outrageous; Obudai Island in Budapest. Sziget is the grand cultural and musical festival in central Europe. Being awarded by best European festival by European Festival Awards in 2011, it is a blend of several large stages and plenty of smaller platforms with an average of 1000 performances every year. This festival proves to the best value for your money rather than any rock festival of Europe. How can you miss the performances of glamorous and rocking bands like Placebo, Hurts, The Subways, The Stone Roses and The Horror? This festival is a must watch once in a lifetime.

 8. Bastille Day, Paris, France (July 14)
Bastiile Day 300x219 Top 10 Most Famous European Events
July 14th of every year marks the celebration of France’s National Day, famous as La Fete Nationale in Paris and Bastille Day in all the English speaking countries. This festival is held to pay obeisance to the storming battle of Bastille. The homage is paid by the largest and oldest parade on the morning of July 14th at Champes Elysees avenue in Paris originating from Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde. Fireworks in the evening are worth watching. The night before Bastille Day showcases public concerts and dances at Place De La Bastille which should not be missed.

7. Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain (July)
Running With The Bulls 1 300x211 Top 10 Most Famous European Events
Festival of San Fermin is a festival in Pamplona most known for the Running of Bulls; a race of valorous visitors and ferocious bulls for 800 meters long. It is a week-long festival where deaths and injuries aren’t uncommon scenario. The festival dates from 6th to 14th of July each year. The origin of this festival is the bullring competition where these bulls had to be transported from corrals to the bullring. Continuing from then, it has mold into a race competition between fortitude youths and bulls where youngsters flaunt about their audacity. The one who is not courageous enough to race with bulls for his/her life can watch the competition from the two best spot for viewing; Plaza Consistorial or Estafeta Street.

6. The Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam (November)
8th cannabis cup 1995 231x300 Top 10 Most Famous European Events
Amsterdam is the best and top city break destination for the live performances of rock bands and Cannabis Cup. Judges from all over the world gather in Amsterdam every November to judge the ever best Cannabis strain. The Cannabis Cup is accompanied by competition come live music and stand up performances. The decriminalizations of Marijuana in Holland bind the flock of people to land at Amsterdam and enjoy the strain as well as the stand up performances. It is just the pplace and the occasion if you are a marijuana fan with an extra topping of cannabis.

5. St. Patrick’s Festival, Dublin, Ireland (March)
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St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on every 17th day of March in the commemoration of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is a religious and cultural holiday celebrated internationally. It is a custom that Irish culture has adopted from the 17th century. The celebration of festival started as a one day event and then extended to 4-day festival in 1997. The celebration includes boat race, treasure hunt, musical concerts, dancing and of course the colorful parade. How one can miss the green beer decanting in clubs and pubs. But for the colorful parade you need to be in Dublin on March 17th.

4. La Tomatina, Bunol (August)
LaTomatina food fight 04 238x300 Top 10 Most Famous European Events
‘Take the world and paint it red’ is what this festival conveys. The weirdest still the most popular festival of Europe is La Tomatina. La Tomatina is an incandescently enthralling festival held in August every year at Bunol which is situated near Valencia. The festival remarks hundreds of thousands of tomatoes been thrown at each other. These tomatoes can be a medium to vent out all your anger at your enemies without any after consequences. But in real, in this festival people, rather the whole city throws pulpy tomatoes to paint everyone in red. Though it is a messy afternoon festival, it attracts visitors from all around the world.

3. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany (mid-September to October)
beer tent oktoberfest munich germany 300x225 Top 10 Most Famous European Events
If you are a keg lover, this is the festival you are waiting to die for. Oktoberfest is the largest keg party all over the world celebrated for 16 long days. The festival starts from late September and ends in October first week. The venue for this festival is Munich, Germany. It is renowned as the world’s largest fair and one of the most famous festivals of Germany. The centre of Munich popularly known as Theresienwiese is flooded with visitors for beer, w├╝rstl (sausages), brezn (pretzel) and other traditional foods. The festival is also well known for its costume parade and rides for the family. Every year about 6.5 million tourists come to see this festival in just 16 days duration.

2. Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh,Scotland (August)
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Edinburgh International Festival is a festival famous for its dance, music, opera and theatre celebrated in middle of August. This festival continues for about three weeks. Artist from all around the world come to perform various forms of arts like dance, music, theatre and opera. Edinburgh Military tattoo is magnificent to watch which a part of this festival is also. The festival marked its birth in 1947. And from 1999 onwards it moved to a established venue: The Hub located close to Edinburgh Castle.

1. Carnival, Venice, Italy
Venice carnival 300x219 Top 10 Most Famous European Events
Gondolas and the fabulous costumes is what come first in mind when we hear of Venice. The Carnival of Venice is famous all around the world and does not need to be explained. And it is all because of the distinctive masks of the carnival. The Carnival has a variable date every year because it is connected to the Easter directly. The Carnival lasts for two weeks and continues till Fat Friday. The whole concept of the distinctive masks is being anonymous and this is what attracts the tourists from all over the world. The Carnival is bestowed for its world famous Gondola Parade where thousands of people participate and many more watch the parade.